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Rules & Guidelines

PhysioNote users come from all backgrounds and have different training and experiences; our goal is to make our forum inclusive, supportive, and safe for everyone to participate in. To that end, we’ve introduced some rules and guidelines regarding posts and comments which must be followed. Please take a look at the policies below.

Pro Boxing Gloves
Child Physiotherapy
Medical form with stethoscope

No Offensive Content

Please refrain from deliberately addressing a forum user or users in such a way as to intentionally upset or criticise them, through inflammatory, judgmental or offensive comments. We're here to support each other, and show respect for the opinions of colleagues even when they differ from our own. Any posts which contravene this rule will be removed.

Just Cases - No Advertising

Our forum is a place for people to share challenging clinical cases and ask for suggestions - not a place to advertise yourself, your business, or anything else. Please ensure the only thing you post concerns clinical issues.

If you have something of particular educational value you feel the community would benefit from, then please let us know ( and we will consider sharing it with the members.

Nothing Identifiable

You are responsible for what you post, and the usual rules apply regarding professional obligations and patient confidentiality. So no names or other identifiable details, and if you post a video you are obliged to ask for consent from the patient before posting.

Site Rules: Site Rules
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